2002 - 2003 Grizzly Diff-Lock Override

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This or any modification to your ATV, should be performed ONLY at your own risk.  DISCLAIMER

Purpose of this modification:
To override the 22MPH wheel-speed limiter when operating in "4WD Diff-Lock" mode.

Results to expect after successful competion of this modification:
Much less limited wheel-speed when in Diff-Lock. The CDI still has a limit on your MAX RPM at about 8500RPM's. If you choose to hardwire the mod, you won't need to use your thumb for the override.

Negative side effects of this modification:
Increased stress will be exerted on all components, like Axles, CV Joints and other drivetrain components. The early 03 model year Grizzly was an especially bad year for axles.

Skill level:
Basic Electrical

Tools required:
Standard hand tools

Parts or materials required:
None for basic hardwired override. Optionaly a switch or pushbutton can be used to control when the override condition is enabled and disabled.

Approximate or estimated cost of mod:

To override the Diff-Lock speed limiter on the 02 and 03 Grizzly, the speed sensor input to the CDI will be removed. Thus the CDI never knows you are even moving.

Remove the seat and the screw that secures the CDI in the electronics cavity. (left side near the frame rail)


With the CDI lifted away from its normal seated position, locate the white wire. It is on the third connector (down) on the CDI unit if held in it's original orientation.

To perform the mod with no switch, just cut the white wire and insulate the ends and your done.

If you intend to use a switch to control (enable and disable) the override, you will need to use solderless (butt-splice) connectors to extend both wire ends to the location where the switch or pushbutton is to be mounted. Each wire end must be routed the contact terminals of a SPST switch or momentary pushbutton. Some owners locate a toggle switch under the seat area, just in case a less experienced rider may drive their Grizz someday. It can quickly be temporarily reconnected for added safety.

Be sure to test the function of your override and know the new capabilities before getting into a situation where it is needed. Your Grizz should no longer be limited to 22 MPH when in Diff-0Lock mode.

Be carefull..